Installation steps and precautions of anti theft door lock

Since ancient times, everyone is particularly concerned about family safety, so there is a door lock. With the changes of the times and the development of science and technology, more and more advanced and safer locks are available for everyone to choose from. The anti-theft door lock is a very popular home decoration material to ensure home safety in recent years. The following is a detailed introduction to the installation steps and precautions of anti-theft door lock, home security is guaranteed.

Anti theft door lock installation tool
Before the formal installation of the security door, we need to prepare these tools to complete the lock installation more smoothly and quickly: cross start, word lift, 3M tape measure, pencil, gun drill with hole opener, and a chisel.
Installation steps of security door lock
1. Insert one hexagon socket fixing screw into the upper left hole of the mounting plate, and put it into the door from the installation hole of the lock body on the door side;
2. The inner hexagon fixing screw on the mounting plate passes through the corresponding mounting hole;
3. Use a hexagon wrench to pass through the lock in the door and counter the hexagon screw through the mounting hole;
4. Align the screw hole at the top left on the back of the pull-out cover with the hexagon socket screw which passes through the door plate, and turn the hexagon wrench to tighten the socket head screw initially;
5. Repeat the above actions, mark all the 4 hexagon socket head screws and screw them slightly to facilitate the next operation;
6. Adjust the pull-out cover to the correct position, tighten and fix the four socket head screws, and then all the pull-out covers will be installed.
Installation precautions of security door lock
1. Size and position of door lock opening
The door lock shall be opened in strict accordance with the size and position marked on the opening drawing, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble for the future use due to the inappropriate size of the opening.
2. Pay attention to the safety of all kinds of locks.
According to the principle of lock cylinder, the anti-theft lock can be divided into bullet lock, leaf lock, magnetic lock, IC card lock, fingerprint lock and so on. Among them, the bullet lock and magnetic lock are more common.
The zigzag lock, cross lock and computer lock on the market are all bullet locks with high safety; while for magnetic locks, the industry believes that it is convenient to open, so it is not very reliable.
The above is about anti-theft door lock installation steps and precautions, door lock for home security is very important, so we must choose a security door lock. I hope the above information will help you.

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